3d Environment artist

My name is Stefan Schulz and I’m a passionate 3D Artist. I finished the 2-year Digital Arts & Animation course at the Games Academy in Berlin with great success. My focus and passion is in 3D Environment Art, where even the placement of various elements within a level is important to me. I am efficient in the creation pipeline, from building 3D Models, to texturing, lighting, FX, engine implementation and all the steps between.

You can find examples of my previous projects in my portfolio here on my website. Please Enjoy.

3D Art is more than a business

It is a passion, you can see and feel in every piece

As a 3D Artist it is my job to bring the mechanics, rules and the game vision to life. Artists create a world through colours, shapes, effects and lights. Being an artist means that you are passionate about what you do, to allow the work that we create to tell its own story.