About me

My name is Stefan Schulz and I'm a passionate 3D artist.

Currently I am looking for a job as a 3D Environment Artist or Level Artist in a motivated company. I successfully completed the 2 year training at Games Academy Berlin in Digital Art & Animation.


Besides creating environment assets, I enjoy the work as a technical artist as well. I enjoy working in the engine as much as modeling objects. 


Being an artists means more than creating good looking assets for me. It is also about being passionate and committed to your work, project and team. I have a creative mind with a practical approach to my work and a great eye for detail. I am eager to learn and I enjoy overcoming challenges. 



2015 - 2017        Games Academy

                           Graduation in  Art & Animation


2009 - 2010        Bundeswehr (German armed forces)


2005 - 2008        Carpenter Apprenticeship




Game Projects

Super Dashmatch (2016/2017)


The Last Path (2016)


Sheepy's Creep (2015)


Hybja Ninja (2011)


2016 - 3rd Place German Developer Awards; Category Newcomer Award

2016 -  Nominee for Ubisoft Newcomer Award at German Developer Awards








3D Art is more than a business

It is a passion, you can see and feel in every piece

As a 3D Artist it is my job to bring the mechanics, rules and the game vision to life. Artists create a world through colours, shapes, effects and lights. Being an artist means that you are passionate about what you do, to allow the work that we create to tell its own story.